Quintessence Wealth


Our clients come from all walks of life, but are drawn to us because all Quintessence Partners focus on the “big picture”. Although we’re a firm of Portfolio Managers, we know that your world revolves around relationships, experiences, meaning and accomplishment – not markets and investments. How we help you plan for the future, protect whom and what you love, and use your money wisely, is every bit as important as helping you grow your assets.
That’s Quintessence Wealth.


The Quintessence Wealth Difference

Our advisors are the top Portfolio Managers in Canada – with a fiduciary responsibility to provide you with unbiased guidance to help you achieve long-term financial security, and reach your specific goals.

Quintessence is extremely selective when considering new Portfolio Managers, with each team required to excel throughout a comprehensive vetting process to evaluate fit based on their professional experience, industry record, sophistication, team structure, and client service model – then we make them even better.

By purposefully building a collaborative, team-oriented culture among elite Portfolio Managers, and empowering them with the best tools and support, we drive better results and experiences for all our clients.


The wealth management industry has historically struggled with conflicts of interests – incentives that put corporate profits and advisor compensation ahead of client interests. We founded Quintessence Wealth in 2006 to provide clients with a better alternative:

QW Partners have Total Freedom to Put Clients First

Fiduciary Duty:
Quintessence is a firm built by Portfolio Managers, for Portfolio Managers. This is the only type of financial adviser registration in Canada that has a legal requirement to put your interests ahead of their own. Our teams actively participate in maintaining our fiduciary, client-first culture.

We actively engage third-party vendors and custodians to compete for our business, helping to drive down costs and improve service for clients.

Community Oriented:
We foster a collaborative environment among our network of elite advisors in an effort to drive innovation, better results and overall experience for all clients. As a client, your feedback matters and your Portfolio Managers are able to relay your voice directly to the Partners Council and the Executive Team. Together, we share best practices and continually enhance technology in order to collectively support clients today, and as your needs evolve over time.

No Hidden Agenda:
Too often, investment dealers incentivize or even force their advisors to achieve quotas and internal goals for product sales. At Quintessence there are absolutely no incentives or rules that influence investment decisions. You get pure, unbiased advice with the only motivation being to achieve the best possible results for you.

Optimizing Investment Management

Invest Like a Pro:
At Quintessence your Portfolio Managers have access to investment management techniques not supported at most retail investment dealers. A good example would be currency hedging, but there are many others. We also use advanced trading software, direct market access, and algorithms not generally available to regular advisors.

Best Execution:
Quintessence supports your Portfolio Manager with a professional team of traders – dedicated to monitoring markets in real time (like air traffic controllers). We have trading relationships with multiple “counterparties” including most major banks – this means we encourage competition for orders, helping to ensure our clients get the best execution on trades.

Empowered to Act in Real Time:
Because of the high bar for professional qualifications, Portfolio Managers (PM) are the only category of adviser that is entrusted to manage investments on a discretionary basis. This means a PM doesn’t need to call every client before acting on a necessary change – if it’s in accordance with their Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and known risk tolerance and financial circumstances. Markets can move extremely quickly, and it’s important that your asset manager is able to adapt in real-time. Non PMs often have to spend months trying to make trades, and must choose which clients to contact/trade for first. This almost inevitably means some clients are treated preferentially – which is unfair. That’s why every Partner team at QW includes at least one PM, and our organization includes some of the most recognized and talented PMs in the business.

The firm combines both financial advice and portfolio construction/management – this means that Portfolio Managers at Quintessence can provide truly customized solutions at a lower cost to clients, and have a broader suite of investment management capabilities. There is virtually no type of investment vehicle that we cannot access at QW. The only constraint is the suitability of an investment to the client.

Resources for Success:
QW Portfolio Managers have access to a plethora of research and superior trade desk support. With the ability to tap into in-house investment management expertise combined with third party sources, Quintessence takes the work off your Portfolio Manager’s plate so they can better focus on you and your needs.

Unlocking More Value from The People You Trust

Higher Value:
Quintessence supports its partners as no other firm can. Through a mix of people and next-generation technologies we help your Portfolio Manager to deliver service that is more personalized, pro-active and holistic than ever before. Every aspect of the client experience is enhanced and our future service road map will keep expanding the value you receive.

Lower Costs:
We focus on driving down the total cost of portfolio ownership for clients. Our goal is to compress or eliminate hidden fees, making what remains transparent and highly competitive. Most advisors will only disclose their compensation, not what you actually pay, which can be 2-3x more if you’re not careful.

Our advisors use predominantly fee-based compensation models that are clearly presented to clients, and designed to align us with your best interests. By unbundling the compensation component from the cost of investing it becomes available as a tax-deduction for non-registered accounts.

Support Ratio:
Quintessence is a more homogeneous group of professionals with a higher ratio of support per Portfolio Manager. Investment dealers typically have hundreds to thousands of advisors and advisor teams. The Quintessence Partnership is limited to 99 teams to keep the group small, elite and well supported.

Raising the Bar for Client Experience

Life Strategy is about Much More than Investing:
Quintessence clients come from all walks of life, but are drawn to us because we focus on their personal “big picture”. We’re far more than just asset managers. Our responsibility to you is to help you define and prioritize your goals, and deliver a highly personalized set of services that help you build and maintain the comfortable lifestyle you deserve. We’ll help you get the most out of life, create a meaningful legacy, and care for your family and loved ones.

If we’re going to be in your corner, you want us to really know what you need:
Our goal is to “know you” as our client in a more meaningful way so that we can deliver pro-active and personalized services that should be more effective and timely than ever before.

Making it Easier to Work Together:
We hate forms as much as your do! That’s why we try to make them as easy and painless as possible. From transferring your accounts to everyday interactions, we can work with you entirely online, or the good old fashioned way, in person. Quintessence clients have the luxury to choose what works for them.