In a world where investment management is becoming commoditized, clients value your advice and advocacy above all. That means the investment vehicles we use to fulfil client mandates must be ever more cost-conscious, and administratively efficient – while delivering stable and effective performance in the most challenging market conditions.

Signature Private Pools
Quintessence is a Portfolio Manager, IFM (Investment Fund Manager), and Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) – which means we can support not only programmatic or tactical SMA-style discretionary management, but we’re also able to create/operate your own private pool(s). Our EMD registration allows our PMs to accept investment in their pools from investors outside the firm (such as institutions, and advisors at dealers).

QW Managed Strategies:
Advanced Lower Cost Solutions
Quintessence PMs have exclusive access to our private pooled solutions, and SMA models, across the asset allocation spectrum. Many dealers make more profit from proprietary product than they do from the grid. We believe the purpose of internal asset management solutions is to provide clients with the best possible investments at the lowest possible cost – increasing efficiencies compared to a traditional portfolio of individual securities and third party mutual funds.

Automated Adviser Platforms

Unlike most robo-solutions, we act as sub-advisors so that we can implement our own portfolios on third party Robo platforms. They take on the ownership of KYC and client service. Instead of being paid as a “middleman” under a referral arrangement, we’re paid for our portfolio management. It’s highly efficient and the best of both worlds.

Access Almost Any Investment Vehicle
At Quintessence, Portfolio Managers have access to virtually any investment you might want for your clients. You’ll experience the maximum amount of freedom subject only to prudent risk management and client suitability.

Alternative Investments & Private Equity Opportunities
Investing in a diverse, lower correlated portfolio that combines public, private, and alternative assets isn’t just for pension and endowment funds. The trouble is, at the retail level your options to access this type of investing are generally limited, and very expensive for your clients. With our institutional capabilities we bring alternative investing to your clients with access and pricing that is generally reserved for the big players.

Multi-Manager Program
Compliment your core wealth management strategy, or build a diverse tailored solution using overlay mandates from many of Canada’s most recognized asset managers – with modelling, trading and due-diligence. Our PM team can even combine QW SMA mandates into the multi-manager program to lower costs, enhance risk adjusted performance, and wrap it all in customized reporting specifically for this program.

Unified Reporting Across All Platforms
Our powerful reporting and statement engines give you an impressive array of lenses to look across all client accounts, or slice and dice performance at the account, client, or household level. Easily build and save customized templates to help you streamline client reviews, and tailor reporting to the needs of particular clients.

Co-Branding across the investment experience
At Quintessence, your clients will experience consistency across all their interactions with the firm. From logging into the client portal, to quarterly statements, to your own materials which we help you co-create, QW Portfolio Managers are able to bring their brands to their clients in a multitude touch points. This reinforces the message to your clients that you are true owners in the firm.


You’re the foremost expert on what each of your clients need. That’s where you add the most value. Most retail advisors are not experts in trading and execution, and in almost every case your access to markets and available tools are heavily restricted compared to institutional traders – putting you and your clients at a disadvantage.

At Quintessence we have the top tools, and trading relationships with multiple counterparties – including most major banks. We help streamline your operations by delegating execution to our team of highly qualified professionals.

Trading & Rebalancing

Quintessence features a fully staffed and centralized trade desk. This helps our Partner teams operate more dynamically and cost efficiently – without the need for a member of their local staff to dedicate significant amounts of time to operating portfolio management software, trading and rebalancing.

Our traders focus their full attention on achieving best execution on trades – saving your clients money by advocating for them with each step of the order execution process.

Portfolio Construction

Quintessence Wealth is home to some of Canada’s top portfolio managers and they’re available to help you with investment ideas and portfolio construction. Our collaborative community encourages sharing research and insights that will help keep you on the pulse of global markets.

Portfolio Overlays & Hedging

Our Portfolio Managers are able to implement strategies that are not easily achieved at investment dealers. Our team can help you with value adds like hedging currency risk, enhancing yield, and covered call overlays to constrain volatility and improve the risk-return characteristics of a portfolio.


Drawing upon our expertise in Portfolio Management we have access to far ranging compliment of research – which is shared with all our Portfolio Management Partners. This includes most Canadian dealer equity research and a variety of other sources.

Data terminals such as Bloomberg, and any other research sources you follow can also be arranged based on the needs and trading profile of your team.

Canadian Dealer Equity
Research Includes:

Other Research Includes:
(Plus, add your own requests)

Data Systems Available Include:


By focusing exclusively on the Portfolio Management space, and minimizing conflicts of interest in our business model we streamline our compliance profile. Quintessence is registered directly with Securities Regulators – eliminating the need to contend with SRO regulations that were never designed with Portfolio Managers in mind.

Through the use of innovative technologies we make tracking and updating compliance data easy for our partners and clients alike. By enabling digital collaboration with clients, we bring information directly into our CRM system – from there we apply intelligent design and the latest AI techniques to make that information more automated and actionable. That’s how we keep client relationships on track, while also making them more personal and meaningful.


Quintessence Wealth is a Partnership of limited size and rigorous quality control. For these reasons we do not actively solicit members from the adviser community. A personal invitation is required to engage our team about joining the firm. The best way to be invited is by way of a personal introduction from one of our team, or Partners.